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What is this site?

Like the title, this is an archive for all things Umphrey's McGee. Specifically, all audio freely available — giveaway shows, bootlegs, split-album versions of the podcasts. There is a lot of music by UM available out there in the interwebs, apart from what's on nugs so the goal of this project is to try and make it organized, accessible and in one place. There's a possibility of branching out into other ideas and formats (i.e. video) in the future, but for now this project is solely audio-based.

This site also has some similar functionality to All Things Umphrey's, grouping all instances of songs together (including stew's of songs). Currently (2018-02-24) there aren't descriptions for songs, but they may be added in the future and contributions are certainly welcome. ATU is also linked to here and there.

Nothing here should be in violation of yes UM's terms, copyright, what-have-you. If somehow something has ended up here that doesn't belong, please do tell and it will get removed ASAP.

Feel free to reach out for whatever reason!
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About the web-designer

This music by these Midwestern fellows has been life-changing to say the least. I've been an avid fan since I was 18 — which would be in 2005... which makes me old. Though, not as old as you know, some people... Anyhow, not unlike many other fans, I will sometimes travel out to shows many states away. I currently reside in Philadelphia, so I'm always up for hitting a show in the North-East.

The idea for this originally spurred from wanting to skip through the individual songs on the podcasts (rather than shuffle through an 80 minute long file.) From there it only made sense to share them, which lead to the creation of the UM Podcast site, which was fun. The audio links no longer work, but I left the site up, for shits.

Web-design has been an interest of mine since middle school, and at some points in my life, a profession. Also, archiving media such as this is actually something that runs in my family, so it was only natural for me to undertake this project. Like many other fans, I'm also an aspiring musician. Some things I have up are Derivate Sessions, a collection of jams and ideas with various people, and my electronic music as A Mid-Atlantic.

I hope you enjoy the site and find some Umph that you wouldn't have otherwise.