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They put these from 2005 through 2015 — selections of their best live performances.


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  • Podcast #150 - Ten Years Gone: December 2003 - 2003 closed with a Motown themed night at The Vic, but not before some pyrotechnics the weeks leading up to it.
  • Podcast #149 - Seagull Guitar
  • Podcast #148 - Autumnal Recrudescence - Fall 2013 put an exclamation point on an outstanding year musically for UM. Night after night, the band turned out an impressive run of shows capped off with 3 nights in Milwaukee.
  • Podcast #147 - The Good Land - Get ready for Halloween with these highlights from our Milwaukee shows over the years.
  • Podcast #146 - Ten Years Gone: September 2003 - September saw the band traveling to many of their favorite Midwest haunts for the 2nd time with Kris Myers. This time the band was comfortable taking risks and letting things stretch out. This FF gave rise to a section of Bridgeless.
  • Podcast #145 - Stump - Stump tour found UM once again at the top of their game, often digging deep into the repertoire. Web Tangle was a Raw Stewage run-off that appeared the next night, originally appearing 4.7.06 which you can check out on UMcast 39.
  • Podcast #144 - Ten Years Gone: The Front Porch Set - On 8/16/03, the band walked on-stage with the goal of playing Front Porch for an entire set. What followed is a set unlike any other in UM history. Listen for an early section of Bridgeless
  • Podcast #143 - Summer XV Jams - The light Summer schedule so far has still yielded some impressive improv. Listen to these summer jams with someone you love.
  • Podcast #142 - Summer XV - UM continues their torrid run through 2013 with strong festival performances, a 2 night run in Colorado, and 4 nights of sUMmer school.
  • Podcast #141 - Ten Years Gone: May 2003 - May 2003 continued their improvisatory excursions with Kris, check out an early Plunger jam out of Hajimemashite
  • Podcast #140 - UM XV II - The FrankenFloor is two recent extended versions merged together. 2013 rolls along with UM picking up steam, recently peaking at UMBowl IV.
  • Podcast #139 - Raw Stewage Treatment - Raw Stewage returns to UMBowl this year. Of the 9 selections last year, 5 have made it into setlists. Check out the Raw Stewage 2013 selections on UMLive.net to prepare for the UMBowl IV webcast on 4.26.
  • Podcast #138 - Ten Years Gone: March 2003 - Our first look at the Myers era is a testament to the improvisational growth the band had been making and how it opened up with Kris' arrival. Hear early aspects of Wife Soup and #5 in N2F.
  • Podcast #137 - UM XV - UM celebrated their 15th birthday at Brooklyn Bowl and across the east coast in January. Rocking just as hard, and the improv is fresh as ever. UM heads west in March, South in April, and Summer dates will be here soon enough.
  • Podcast #136 - Auf Wiedersehen 2012 - 2012 finished with 4 nights at Atlanta's Tabernacle, with debuts of new originals and, of course, a horn section. Ace of Long Nights is one of the new batch of mashups, combining Motorhead and Ween.

Published 2012

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  • Podcast #135 - Ten Years Gone: Last Days of Mirro - New Year's Eve 2002 was the last show with Mike Mirro, which included a run through Side B of The Beatles' Abbey Road. The band made the most of their last month with Mirro taking the music to places they hadn't gone before...setting the stage for Kris Myers.
  • Podcast #134 - Ten Years Gone: November 2002 - "Jimmy Stewart" became a new entity when Brendan began improvising lyrics, giving birth to In the Kitchen. As the Mirro era was coming to a close, the band showed no signs of letting up. Patience began to sink in to the band's playing.
  • Podcast #133 - The Sound and the Fall 2012 - UM kept the 2012 momentum going in the Fall with highlights abound.
  • Podcast #132 - Ten Years Gone: October 2002 - October 2002 was a historic time for UM, most notably the Chicago and Madison shows that remain fan favorites to this day. Little did we know, by the end of the month the search for a new drummer would be begin...
  • Podcast #131 - The Road to Red Rocks 2012 - Order the Red Rocks/Boulder 2012 DVDs now at http://ow.ly/dBxZb ship date 9/28! An expanded Puppet String is one of many highlights from the Red Rocks show that is an exclamation point in UM's 15 years history. Pork Chop Pie was dusted off for the lucky fans in Eldridge, MO.
  • Podcast #130 - Ten Years Gone: August 2002 - August 2002 saw the band on the verge of several new tunes, catch pre-debut portions of JaJunk and 13 Days, plus the last Muff II until its return at UMBowl II.
  • Podcast #129 - Summer 2012 Shreds On - Special guests brought many highlights to the recent run of shows. Through the Cracks and Crucial taunt make their podcast debut.
  • Podcast #128 - Summer 2012 Shredding - Summer is upon us and UM have been cooking at their festival dates already. The Great American features a vocal stewart that appeared last fall in Milwaukee and again at a 30db show in May.
  • Podcast #127 - Bonnaroo At Night - This week UM returns to Bonnaroo for their 7th appearance, and their first late-night since 2006. The 2004 show stands as one of the most important shows in the band>s history, playing for upwards of 20,000 people for over 4 hours, with a little help from moe. at set break. After moe.'s cover of Metallica's Enter Sandman with UM manager Vince Iwinski on vocals, UM returned to stage and answered with some Metallica of their own with …And Justice For All. The 2006 show had the band in front of another overwhelming audience and they had no problem stretching the improv out, including the debut of a fan-favorite recurring "Jimmy Stewart" dubbed "Mrs. Robinson's Strut."
  • Podcast #126 - Loose Ends - So many topics to cover! We open with a vintage take on the Beastie Boys' Groove Holmes in memoriam of MCA. Loose Ends is the newest Brendan Bayliss tune, debuted in March. Bridgeless is one of the many highlights from the band's gig in New Orleans. Deeper is one of the cuts off the newly released Death By Remix, a download of which comes free with your pre-order of the New Year' Run 2011 DVD set featuring all 3 shows in their entirety including an Plunger with explosive improv and a cover of The Band's version of Don't Do It (RIP Levon). Middle Eastern Metal was one of the Q2 highlights at UMBowl III. If you haven't checked out Raw Stewage yet, be sure to pick up 7 hours of the finest improvisation at UMLive.net. The 12.11.04 Triple Wide is a legendary improv that the band recreated during Q4 of UMBowl. To close, the first Puppet String with improv, by fan request, was played at the Bill Graham For A Day event.
  • Podcast #125 - The Evolution of Ocean Billy - Read the companion piece to this UMcast at blog.umphreys.com This episode we take an in-depth look at how Ocean Billy came into existence, from Jake demo to repeated Stewart, add some improvised vocals, add another Stewart with vocals and Voila!
  • Podcast #124 - 2012 Coast to Coast - Already in 2012, they've been from Florida to New York to Mexico to San Francisco and points in-between, all while playing at their finest level in years.
  • Podcast #123 - An Intro to 2012 - Been to a show recently? The set intros are now a staple in the repertoire. Here are 4 that have debuted since the New Year's Run. Look for a post on The Floor soon for more info! blog.umphreys.com
  • Podcast #122 - Ten Years Wrong: February 2002 - In honor of this evening's All Night Wrong all covers show, here's a selection of (mostly) covers from February 2002.
  • Podcast #121 - Holidays 2011 - Special occasions, special shows. UM closed out a banner year by continuing their high level of playing in front of dedicated Umphreaks. You Can't Always Get What You Want with the Chicago Mass Choir was a transcendent occasion.

Published 2011

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  • Podcast #120 - Ten Years Gone: December 2001 - For the first installment of our Ten Years Gone series, catch some classic UM. 3 months after the first "Jimmy Stewart" session, you can hear their improvisational sound jelling in Front Porch. Slacker features a Dump City jam (not debuted until 2002).
  • Podcast #119 - Meet Me in St. Louis - Join us for 3 nights in St. Louis for New Year's Eve! Here are some highlights from our appearances in St. Louis dating back to 2001, including some gems with original drummer Mike Mirro on vocals.
  • Podcast #118 - New in 2011 - Ever restless, UM has introduced a slew of new originals in 2011. From acoustic ditties to house grooves, the band continues to stretch their boundaries. New covers of Rush and Wings have also been throw into the mix.
  • Podcast #117 - Fall 2011 Face Melt - UM is taking their game to new levels this Fall. Here's some selections from the last run of shows. Tour starts back up on 10.19. Get in the van, buckle your seatbelts and hang on to your faces.
  • Podcast #116 - Death By Brooklyn - 4 nights in Brooklyn, 8 sets + a Stew Art Series (S2). Much love to all the fans and staff. Dig on 5 snippets from the "Jimmy Stewart" 10th Anniversary S2 show. 4 originals make their podcast debut. Monster Red Tape and Divisions. The Joker with Biz Markie.
  • Podcast #115 - Death By Podcast - DBS drops 9/13, pre-order now and download starting 9/9. Here's some 2011 live cuts featuring tracks on the new album. umphreys.com/dbs for tracklist and info on deeper packages...Name the Intro!
  • Podcast #114 - Hauntlanta - Hauntlanta - 10/28-29 - The Tabernacle. Check out some of our favorite Atlanta moments. Listen carefully for an early appearance of Glory after Blue Echo.
  • Podcast #113 - Best of Colorado - Here's a smattering of some of UM's most inspired playing over the years in the state of Colorado.
  • Podcast #112 - Summer Camp, Huey & Oates - Here's highlights from past Summer Camps and Huey & Oates sit-ins.
  • Podcast #111 - Fall 2010 part 3 - Patient improvisation was a hallmark of 2010, and we close our look back with some fine examples. A cover of Cee Lo Green's viral "Fuck You" shows UM's cheekier side.
  • Podcast #110 - Fall 2010 part 2 - A stand-alone "Jimmy Stewart" starts as a simple Moog Taurus III bass line, expand to a full blown "song" with vocals. Vintage UM improvisation. The 2 selections from the Canopy Club show the band gaining momentum into their Halloween celebration.
  • Podcast #109 - Fall 2010 part 1 - Jennifer Hartswick lends her powerful vocals to a rendition of Heart's Barracuda. JaJunk develops into a high-energy melodic improv. Wellwishers became a staple in the Fall and is the first of many new tunes debuted in recent months.
  • Podcast #108 - Summer 2010 part 3 - A soaring Nemo from New Orleans starts things off. Come Closer was the gateway mash-up that helped inspire the last 3 Halloween shows. Jake takes over behind the kit for a playful rendition of the Zeppelin classic Moby Dick.
  • Podcast #107 - Summer 2010 part 2
  • Podcast #106 - Summer 2010 part 1 - Similar to UMcast #104's Pop Tart, Snake Juice was a recurring Jimmy Stewart that has made rare appearances since gaining a title. The band played off the intense crowd energy at Wakarusa, one of the highlights of the Summer.
  • Podcast #105 - UMBowl, Summer Camp - For those lucky enough to attend, UMBowl treated fans to an experience unlike any other, filled with surprises and plenty of rarities. Each successive appearance at Summer Camp continues to grow in size and momentum...see you there this Memorial Day!

Published 2010

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  • Podcast #104 - Winter 2010 part 5 - The recurring lyrical stewart (see:UMcast #78) was officially bestowed the title Pop Tart in Buffalo. Not played since, its status in the live repertoire remains in limbo.
  • Podcast #103 - Winter 2010 part 4 - An extended The Pequod is yet another highlight from San Francisco. UM does justice to Brock Butler's Cold Gold, with Brock contributing guitar.
  • Podcast #102 - Winter 2010 part 3
  • Podcast #101 - Winter 2010 part 2 - Check out our short film, The Tabernacle documenting our 2.6.10 show - http://bit.ly/d4z6nZ
  • Podcast #100 - Winter 2010 part 1 - 2010 is arguably the band's most consistent output to date. All year they've been turning out ace playing and creative setlists. Here's our first look back. See them finish off the year in Chicago for 3 nights at The Riviera.
  • Podcast #99 - New Year's Run 2009 - We finish our look back on 2009 with a sampling of New Year's in Chicago. Mike Mirro returned to the stage with us for a rare Headphones & Snowcones. We debuted The Beatles' Lady Madonna with Jeff Coffin killing it on sax. Epic 2x2!
  • Podcast #98 - November 2009 part 2 - UM treated Burlington to Baby Honey Sugar Darling, not been played since 2002.
  • Red Rocks & Blue - Join UM and Galactic at Red Rocks for Independence Day weekend. This special episode has UM/Galactic collaborations, part of our first Red Rocks show, the great Cyril Neville with Galactic, who he'll be joining at Red Rocks. redrocksandblue.com
  • Podcast #97 - November 2009 part 1 - In Burlington, Mike Gordon stepped in for the birthday boy during a raging In the Kitchen.
  • Podcast #96 - October 2009 part 3 - Professor Wormbog became a brand new jam vehicle in October and this Spokane version is a fine example of how even the oldest, unassuming tunes can have new life.
  • Podcast #95 - October 2009 part 2
  • Podcast #94 - October 2009 part 1 - Always a heavy touring month, October 2009 saw the momentum hit full stride and UM continued diversifying the song selection and improvisation.
  • Podcast #93 - September 2009 Part 2
  • Podcast #92 - September 2009 Part 1 - Something was in the water in September, there was an extra spring in their step, a bit more swagger, and it carried through the end of 2009 and into 2010. It's a good time to be an Umphreak.
  • Podcast #91 - Summer 2009 part 3 - An exploratory Search 4 finds its way into a rare Pearl Jam cover. Before they made their way to Rothbury, MI, they were in Northern CA at HSMF playing a high-energy Bright Lights.

Published 2009

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  • Podcast #90 - Summer 2009 Part 2 - Naturally, UM took to the stage with Michael Jackson on the mind on 6.25, treating the audience with MJ themed jams and a return of the fan-favorite cover Billie Jean.
  • Podcast #89 - Summer 2009 Part 1 - The opening Jazz Odyssey first appeared in February during a series of experiments involving the band walking on-stage to a pre-recorded lego. This is the most mature appearance of the piece to date. Comfortably Numb aptly described Rothbury at night.
  • Podcast #88 - Spring 2009 Part 4 - The acoustic Toad's show was a relaxed environment on Kris' birthday. The Front Porch from Columbus finds the band having a little fun, extensively jamming on Michael McDonald and The Who.
  • Podcast #87 - Spring 2009 Part 3 - A very loose Smell the Mitten finds the band relaxed and settled in nicely during their Friday night headlining slot at Summer Camp. The Wappy Sprayberry kicked off 2-nights in NYC...the band's energy is evident immediately.
  • Podcast #86 - Spring 2009 Part 2 - An energetic Nemo featured a Waful-less "Earth Minute", a nod to the Earth Hour that occurred earlier that evening. Ride On Pony is an older Jake original from before his time with UM, that was first debuted in April.
  • Podcast #85 - Spring 2009 Part 1 - UM's 3rd performance at Summer Camp was an afternoon treat, an acoustic set that saw the band relaxed in the sun but still putting forth all of their energy into this version of Resolution.
  • Podcast #84 - Winter 2009 part 4 - A Fifth of Beethoven, a rare cover not played in almost two years, treated the audience of the final of four nights at the Barrymore in Madison. Old friends Jennifer Hartswick and Kevin Sinclair stop by to help out with Memphis Underground.
  • Podcast #83 - Winter 2009 part 3 - By March the band was beginning to get comfortable with all of the new Mantis material as witnessed with the Cemetery Walk suite from Indianapolis. Check out Youtube.com/UMvideo for a great video of Cemetery Walk II
  • Mantisyahu - Members of UM discuss Mantis and the upcoming July shows with Matisyahu, who also makes a guest appearance. Hear his new single One Day and a live cut featuring Dub Trio (his new backing band), who also contribute a track.
  • Podcast #82 - Winter 2009 part 2 - There were several Jazz Odysseys used through the Winter tour, which featured the band arriving on-stage to pre-recorded compositions and they joined in (as the recording faded out). Podcast 82 opens with an example that dropped right into Padgett's.
  • Podcast #81 - Winter 2009 part 1 - We take our first look at 2009 by highlighting an All In Time for the ages and the debut of a new Herbie Mann cover, Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty.
  • Podcast #80 - December 2008 - We close out 2008 with highlights from our 3 nights at the Auditorium Theatre. With a little help from our friends, we had our best New Year's yet. There is no better setting for the set closing Lenny than under a full moon on the beach in Jamaica.
  • Podcast #79 - November 2008 part 2 - The Milwaukee crowd was treated to a rarity, Mamu, a song not played since the final days of Mike Mirro. Many fans agree Knoxville received, arguably, the best version of Water to date.
  • Podcast #78 - November 2008 part 1 - Night one of the 9:30 Club run brought a unique Dear Lord/Amazing Grace combo, predecessor to the choir-enhanced New Year's Eve Glory/Amazing Grace performance. The Vocal Stewart from Slim's has appeared a more few times in recent months.
  • Podcast #77 - October 2008 part 2 - In front of an intimate crowd in Vancouver, The Crooked One explored rare territory with a piece of improv lasting over 25 minutes.
  • Podcast #76 - October 2008 part 1 - A re-worked Waist Down contains elements of the 5.02.07 Intentions Clear, includes a brief snippet from Aster Heights, a song off Jake's self-titled album which also contains early instrumental sections of Roulette and Last Man Swerving.
  • Podcast #75 - September 2008 - The first 2-set acoustic UM show provides a different take on Liquid and Plunger. The band tried to make up for the cancelled gig in Atlanta in the summer with a return trip to the city a few weeks later that featured a monstrous Utopian Fir.

Published 2008

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  • Podcast #74 - Summer 2008 part 3 - Another late-night, this time in Raleigh, another chance to stretch out, debuting a new cover Voices Inside My Head by The Police, followed by a "Jimmy Stewart" that appeared 3 times during the Summer. A future song? Time will tell.
  • Podcast #73 - Summer 2008 part 2 - The much anticipated collaboration between UM and STS9 finally happened during Push the Pig at the UM late-night set on 7.25 in front of a sold-out crowd at their old Philadelphia stomping grounds the TLA.
  • Podcast #72 - Summer 2008 part 1 - The band has gently been toying with the structure of Resolution, pushing improv before the 2nd verse, this Sioux City version is a good example. All Things Ninja has an old-school Pony staple...a solo performance of America the Beautiful.
  • Podcast #71 - May 2008 - Life on the road can be rough, and Brendan Bayliss regales us with a little bit of context for the song selection in Cleveland. Wappy Sprayberry has quickly become one of the most popular songs amongst many hardcore fans.
  • Podcast #70 - April 2008 part 3 - Another exploratory Atmosfarag in Urbana treated the fans to a dark interpretation of the tune. A patient, building Blue Echo is one of the finest moments of the April tour.
  • Podcast #69 - April 2008 part 2 - The audience in Asheville was treated to a version of Water which finds the band exploring the far reaches of the middle section, while those in Northampton enjoyed a rare Visions of Parin.
  • Podcast #68 - April 2008 part 1 - Some may recognize Gulf Stream from 11.10.07 Blue Echo or 12.31.07 Plunger, it's earliest appearances in live form. The band has taken an organic songwriting approach. This St. Louis version demonstrates the band starting to find the song's voice.
  • Podcast #67 - March 2008 - Search 4 and Rocker (part II) have quickly become staples in the live rotation after their debut at the Aragon shows. Though Kula also debuted at around the same time, it has only appeared in a shortened instrumental jam form since February.
  • Podcast #66 - Jimmy Stewart 2007 companion - The band stops by to celebrate their newest all-improvisation album, Jimmy Stewart 2007. Waist Down is a new original inspired by Eat - 2.17.07, a track on JS2007. The rest of the podcast is a collection of Jimmy Stewarts that did not make the album.
  • Podcast #65 - February 2008 part 3 - The Vancouver Dump City stands out as one of the highlights of the West Coast tour. Dear Prudence is one of several new covers the band attempted along the way.
  • Podcast #64 - February 2008 part 2 - Mike Keneally again takes the stage with Umphrey's, this time to bring the three-pronged guitar attack to Ringo.
  • Podcast #63 - February 2008 part 1 - Umphrey's started 2008 with a new setlist approach allowing themselves to stretch out and patiently develop each song as the improvisation unfolded.
  • Podcast #62 - December 2007 - It's always best to spend the Holidaze with your friends. From Caribbean Holidaze in Jamaica to the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, Jennifer Hartswick, Jeff Coffin, Peter Tosh and Mad Dog's Filthy Little Secret horns all help out on several debut covers.
  • Podcast #61 - November 2007 - The Floor was debuted on Halloween, and this version is one of the earliest performances. A new more upbeat rock version of The Haunt leads the band into a Bill Laswell influenced dub improv.
  • Podcast #60 - October 2007 part 3 - A new arrangement of End of the Road has brought it new life in the live repertoire. Those who stayed up late in Vegas were treated to a rare cover of Snoop Dogg's Ain't No Fun
  • Podcast #59 - October 2007 part 2 - As 2007 progressed, Higgins became a pathway to exploration something which has continued as the new approach in 2008. The Boston version shows the potential Higgins now has moving forward.
  • Podcast #58 - October 2007 part 1 - Jake's gentle interludes leading into and out of Out of Order include a Steve Howe (Yes) solo piece. A Women Wine & Song unlike any you've heard before drops right into Get in the Van
  • Podcast #57 - Summer 2007 part 3 - A playful start to Plunger is just the beginning of a 30 minute excursion into the highlight for many of Summer 2007.

Published 2007

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  • Podcast #56 - Summer 2007 part 2 - Frank Zappa alum Mike Keneally sat in for several songs in San Diego, including Miles Davis' It's About That Time, while old friends Cody Dickinson and Mike Rackey add some country flavor to Bad Poker.
  • Podcast #55 - Summer 2007 part 1 - Debuted in June, the prog-metal Wizard Burial Ground showcases a darker side of UM, this version is humorously inserted in the middle of Nemo. Wife Soup continues to mature and expand in 2007.
  • Podcast #54 - May 2007, Murat leftover - This excellent Hurt Bird Bath may not have made the cut for Live at the Murat, but a mixed version can now be heard by all thanks to KB.
  • Podcast #53 - Live at the Murat preview, April 2007 part 2 - With Live at the Murat due in stores this coming Tuesday October 16, Brendan, Joel, Kevin Browning and special guest Andy Farag stop by to talk about the new album, making mistakes, and midgets on unicycles.
  • Podcast #52 - April 2007 part 1 - The newly opened up The Crooked One has expanded into a setlist weapon in 2007. Alex's House originated from a Brendan Bayliss demo that would eventually become part of The Bottom Half.
  • Podcast #51 - March 2007 part 2 - Umphrey's took advantage of Adrian Belew presence to tackle 2 King Crimson classics in Red and Thela Hun Ginjeet. The "Jimmy Stewart" out of Intentions Clear finds the band's improvisation in fine form.
  • Podcast #50 - March 2007 part 1 - The legendary Adrian Belew accompanied Umphrey's McGee on a short tour in March 2007, and his unique style is featured on the UM original #5. The new arrangement of Padgett's Profile finds the song in even darker territory.
  • Podcast #49 - Trancegression - Ryan and Joel are joined by Marc and Aron of The Disco Biscuits as we play highlights from both bands' performances at the first annual Trancegression.
  • Podcast #48 - February 2007 - Umphrey's McGee hit 2007 in-stride with a solid run of shows in February, allowing every song room to breathe and expand. Jake shows off his rarely utilized slide ability to bring I Want You to a screeching crescendo.
  • Podcast #47 - December 2006 - Umphrey's closed the year with 3 nights at the Aragon Ballroom inviting their friends Taj Mahal, North Mississippi Allstars and more to the stage.
  • Podcast #46 - November 2006 part 3 - We close out our look back at November with the much talked about Tribute to the Spinal Shaft featuring the "Cemetery Stew". After the Beastie Boys' instrumental Groove Holmes, the band closes with a climactic finish.
  • Podcast #45 - November 2006 part 2 - Divisions is a spring board to cover a wide array of styles, a Bill Frisell-ian stroll through I Heard it Through the Grapevine, the dirty funk of Dump City, a foray into minimalistic post-rock, and even some Motley Crue.
  • Podcast #44 - November 2006 part 1 - An extended take on Morning Song includes a sublime solo section from Joel, while August features the dark drone of Radiohead's National Anthem. The closing Ocean Billy sandwich is packed with 3 sections of Umphrey's more organic improvisation.
  • Podcast #43 - October 2006 part 2 - Uncommon gets an extended treatment, while a take on Pink Floyd's Breathe is played inside JaJunk.
  • Podcast #42 - The Bottom Half preview, October 2006 part 1 - Brendan, Jake, Joel and sound caresser Kevin Browning stop by to help preview the new release The Bottom Half. The album version of Bright Lights, Big City demonstrates a much different approach to the song in the studio.
  • Podcast #41 - September 2006 part 2 - The Resolution that opened the two-week East Coast swing would set the tempo for much of the band's style for the rest of the year. Often times playing without a setlist, every song was a potential springboard that could lead into extended improv.
  • Podcast #40 - September 2006 part 1 - A cover of Pat Metheny's Last Train Home displays a more gentle Umphrey's McGee, with careful attention to arrangement, dynamics and space. An explosive Nothing Too Fancy becomes a gateway for an extended narrative jam lead by Jake.
  • Podcast #39 - "Jimmy Stewart" - The Second Album leftovers - A collection of Umphrey's improvisations from the first half of 2006, capturing them at the top of their game, to accompany the newly released "Jimmy Stewart" The Second Album.
  • Podcast #38 - August 2006 part 2 - Phil's Farm is used as a launching pad for a progressive dance section that segues smoothly back into the closing section.
  • Podcast #37 - August 2006 part 1 - Umphrey's McGee was once again honored to welcome Joshua Redman to the stage for 2 shows, August 2006.

Published 2006

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  • Podcast #36 - July 2006 part 2 - A cover of Fugazi's Waiting Room was well received by the energetic Fuji Rock Festival crowd on Umphrey's first trip to Japan.
  • Podcast #35 - July 2006 part 1 - The opening version of The Fuzz marks the debut of the new 'rock' arrangement. Mulche's Odyssey closed Umphrey's first appearance at Alpine Valley.
  • Podcast #34 - June 2006 - An extended Anchor Drops opens up, before In the Kitchen finds its dance groove. Jake adds a little slide guitar to Water.
  • Podcast #33 - May 2006 part 2 - Morning Song, one of Umphrey's newest tunes is was taken from 2 previous "Jimmy Stewarts", one of which was featured on Podcast 16. The lounge rendition of Nopener features Jake showing off his drum chops while Kris takes center stage.
  • Podcast #32 - May 2006 part 1 - The triumphant Glory segues into the trademark 2nd Self, but not before the band pays tribute to their friends The Disco Biscuits.
  • Podcast #31 - April 2006 part 2 - An extended Bridgeless expands far beyond the boundaries of how we have come to know it. Soul Food I with a sax gives a different flavor before the gorgeous piano outro.
  • Podcast #30 - April 2006 part 1 - Eat is Umphrey's new King Crimson inspired tune, which is followed up by Magical Mystery Tour's Flying.
  • Podcast #29 - March 2006 part 2 - Umphrey's McGee opened with a short acoustic segment at the Chicago Theatre, starting with Uncle Wally.
  • Podcast #28 - March 2006 part 1 - The band's soundcheck at the Langerado Music Festival leads right into the Women Wine and Song opener.
  • Podcast #27 - February 2006 part 3 - An exploratory Hurt Bird Bath shows the band reaching towards some darker themed improv, while In the Kitchen's funk versatility shows the band's danceable side.
  • Podcast #26 - February 2006 part 2 - The 2x2 > Nothing Too Fancy completes the version from Podcast 25
  • Podcast #25 - February 2006 part 1 - Umphrey's opened 2006 with a blistering 14 date tour, exploring a more patient, melodic improvisational style
  • Podcast #24 - December 2005 part 2 - Horns spice up Miss Tinkle's Overture and Higgins, while Keller Williams and Umphrey's collaborate on one of his originals.
  • Podcast #23 - December 2005 part 1 - Dump City > Hajimemashite > Dump City set the tone for Umphrey's 2 sold out nights at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom
  • Podcast #22 - November 2005 part 2 - Huey Lewis guests on a cover of one of his tunes, Heart and Soul, continuing the relationship started at the Jammy's in 2005, and continuing to his guest slots on Safety in Numbers.
  • Podcast #21 - November 2005 part 1 - A frenetic "Jimmy Stewart" out of FF flies head first into 40's Theme with a "blink and you missed it" segue. Umphrey's pays tribute to one of their influences by covering the King Crimson classic Red.
  • Podcast #20 - October 2005 part 3 - Warren Haynes sits in for an extended take on the Led Zeppelin classic Immigrant Song, a version which dwarfs the brief apperance it made in Podcast 5.
  • Podcast #19 - October 2005 part 2 - The mixed-meter Sociable Jimmy slides into a soaring Jazz Odyssey, before slipping into the unique slow Partyin' Peeps intro.
  • Podcast #18 - October 2005 part 1 - Believe the Lie, here with an extended ambient intro, is the opening track for the new album Safety In Numbers, due out April 4th.
  • Podcast #17 - September 2005 part 3 - Jake Cinninger switches from guitar to bass guitar while Ryan Stasik moves over to the Fender Rhodes on the opening track, In Violation of Yes, which originally appeared on Joel Cummins' 2002 solo album Common Sense.

Published 2005

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  • Podcast #16 - September 2005 part 2 - The "Jimmy Stewart" out of FF would become part of Morning Song, an UM original created from improvisations.
  • Podcast #15 - September 2005 part 1 - As with most Umphrey's McGee setlists, seeing a song listed in the podcast can only give you an idea of what the playing resulted in. In this broadcast, Dump City and Anchor Drops receive extended improvisational treatments, stretching the boundaries.
  • Podcast #14 - August 2005 - The opening cut Miss Tinkle's Overture is one of their most blistering to date, and the Black Sabbath covers sandwiched inside Ocean Billy relive some of the (in)famous Halloween 2004 show.
  • Podcast #13 - "Jimmy Stewart" - The Album preview - With the release of the UMLive.net exclusive "Jimmy Stewart" - The Album, Umphrey's McGee is offering fans a unique look into their world of improvisation. The band's unique approach to structured improvisation takes you through their many styles.
  • Podcast #12 - New Year's Run 2004 - In celebration of the new DVD Wrapped Around Chicago, due out October 18th, this episode features selections from the New Year's run from last year. Outstanding versions of The Fussy Dutchman and Padgett's profile stand out, while the addition of horns to Mail Package and Wife Soup brings new personality to concert staples. The Band's Opehlia served as one of the debut cover choices that we have come to expect from an Umphrey's McGee New Year's Eve show.
  • Podcast #11 - Skyline 2005 - For the fifth, and possibly final, time, the Skyline Stage was the setting for Umphrey's McGee in Chicago during the summertime. To start off is the brand new tune, Higgins. Debuted a week before, the song is a continuation of the songwriting direction the band has taken with songs like The Bottom Half and Believe the Lie. The eccentric Frank Zappa bandmate Ray White and local bass legend Greg Rzab hopped on-stage to join the band for a rousing rendition of Zappa's City of Tiny Lites, complete with White "taking a phone call" mid-song.
  • Podcast #10 - May 2005 part 3 - We round out the trio of May podcasts with a wide array of tunes and some more tasty improvisation. The lack of a straight setlist in Vancouver led to some very relaxed and open playing as demonstrated by their seamless hopping from song to song. To close is a segment of the Ringo from Summercamp. The band opened the second set by completing the song they opened the first set with, with some inspired jamming and a brief detour into The Beatles along the way.
  • Podcast #9 - May 2005 part 2 - More highlights from May bring you a sit-in from Al Schnier, a friend as well as a fan of Umphrey's. The three-pronged guitar attack in the jam out of Much Obliged is a treat. Another vocal "Jimmy Stewart" is followed by the obscure Lounge Lizards' Big Heart, one of the few more straightforward jazz songs that the band attempts. To close out is the 35-minute Nothing Too Fancy excursion that was the highlight of the two week West Coast run for many.
  • Podcast #8 - May 2005 part 1 - Umphrey's spent three nights in San Francisco at the historic Great American Music Hall, and we are featuring selections from those special evenings in this Podcast. San Francisco-native Eric Levy stops by to add his unique key stylings on Slacker. The Bottom Half from 05.07 was on the receiving end of some excellent improvisation that will give the listener a much different impression of that song than the version from Podcast #4. The frenetic ending of Mulche's from 05.06 is followed by All In Time, one of the band's most immediately recognizable tunes.
  • Podcast #7 - April 2005 part 3 - To finish out our feature on April, here are a few more tasty selections. The highlight is the appearance of guitarist-of-all-trades Warren Haynes lending his stylings to Thin Air. The Jazz Fest late-night medley closes out the broadcast. Even though they were just getting warmed up, they opened with some smooth playing that culminates in the frenzied finish of 40's Theme.
  • Podcast #6 - April 2005 part 2 - There was some very powerful jams and gorgeous flowing medleys of tunes in early April. The "Jimmy Stewart" in the middle of Nemo is beautiful, many fans are hoping that this makes its way into a new song, much like the chorus to Believe the Lie. The ebb and flow of moving into and out of Water demonstrate the band's ability to shift directions and moods. Also featured is the new tune Passing, which debuted for the first time on 3.26.05
  • Podcast #5 - April 2005 part 1 - Umphrey's McGee likes Led Zeppelin. If the influence wasn't apparent to you, maybe this podcast will help you out. They just seemed to be busting out major Zeppelin passages over the first few weeks of April, so here they are. Lots of exploratory segments in this Podcast, that give a better feel for what the band does when they stretch the limits of a song.
  • Podcast #4 - Jam in the Dam - Here is a collection of tunes from Jam in the Dam. The band was loose, relaxed, and very playful. All of the bands were having a blast; you can hear the mutual respect among the artists during the Keller Williams and Charlie Hitchcock sit-ins. To close out this collection of tunes is the Roulette from their triumphant return to The Riviera, a few highlights. You can feel the band and the crowd feeding off each other's energy.
  • Podcast #3 - early March 2005 - The band's week long tour through the south yielded some gem "Jimmy Stewarts" that everyone should check out. Each of the three "Stewarts" in this episode are of the rare lyrical variety. The Atlanta and Knoxville "Stewarts" could easily be confused as songs to the untrained listener. The Pearl Jam-tinged Birmingham "Stewart" is a nice treat for the children of the 90s in us all. The explanation of the title for Miss Tinkle's Overture gives us at least a little bit of insight into the band's song naming conventions (unconventional as they are). For those unfamiliar with the "Jimmy Stewart", be sure to check out this write-up.
  • Podcast #2 - February 2005 - The touring year opened with the band feeling relaxed and eager to stretch the boundaries. Believe the Lie is one of the newest additions to the UM repertoire, is and an example of the band's use of "Jimmy Stewarts" to write new songs. The chorus initially appeared as an improvisation during Der Bluten Kat from 02.11.04. Debuting on 02.16.05, it has quickly become a crowd pleaser. Also featured, the improvisation in the "Jimmy Stewart" (02.18.05) as well as the second half of Nothing Too Fancy (02.16.05) show the band's ability to create wave upon wave of momentum to drive the crowd into a veritable frenzy.
  • Podcast #1 - Best of 2004 - This selection is a version of the Best of 2004 Compilation that was put together for use as a promotional CD. It is a good peek into what the band is all about, and contains some stand-out moments from 2004.